Curated Packages

Loving On The Trails

You might not know this but I chose the last name Woods because of my deep love for nature and hiking. Living in the Ottawa/Gatineau region we are blessed with many green spaces and hiking trails with magnificent views to explore. If you live in the Ottawa area and have never gone on a hike especially in Gatineau hills, you are truly missing out on a spectacular opportunity to take in the beauty of this land. I will be very happy to rectify this for you; let me be your hiking guide and show you some of the best trails this city has to offer. This is date made for those who need some time to turn off the excessive thinking of the mind by finding peace and tranquility in nature, cultivating mindfulness and practicing living in gratitude and abundance of the present now . After our hike we will sink further into relaxation at the Nordik Nature Spa which offers various amenities such as the Scandinavian thermal, saunas and steam rooms, as well as body treatments and restaurants on site. We start a hike, fall deeper into relaxation at the spa and end with some private time.

Please note that I require at least 1 week notice to plan and make reservations at the spa. The entrance fee to the spa is included in this package, meals and body treatments are an extra charge. Have a look at the services Nordik Spa has to offer at


Loving On The Trails is a 3-4 hour rendezvous: $900

Hostess With The Mostest

You are a hard working man and you’ve probably had a long day at work. Your muscles are sore from hunching over a screen, performing physically tasking work or perhaps you have been on a long flight. Sometimes after a day of putting in your best effort, you are left feeling drained, tired, hungry & horny. I have the perfect solution for what ails you- a deep tissue massage, some sexy private time and a delicious home cooked meal complete with wine and dessert, prepared to your taste and liking, just for you. I will put together a menu from my own recipe book with the perfect wine to pair. You are more than welcome to suggest a favorite dish and I will put my spin on it! I absolutely love hosting and cooking for others and although I have a broad range of dishes to prepare, I have a deep love for West African cuisine as it reminds me of home. It would be my pleasure to introduce you to spices and tastes from a different world.

So sit back, relax and let me do all the work of healing your muscles, filling your tummy and fulfilling other carnal pleasures. I guarantee you’ll finish with two desserts.

Please note that I require a notice of at least 2 weeks to plan the menu and to make sure I have more than enough time to host you.  


Hostess With The Mostest is a 4 hour rendezvous: $1000

Custom Bowling Ball Design

King Pin

Dates should be fun and I’ve come to appreciate bowling dates so may I take you up on a game of bowling? I promise to take it easy on you if you show me how competitive you are. Never been bowling? It just might be your new favorite sport. Let’s have a light hearted date and look silly in bowling shoes together. Come with your game face on! Regardless who wins this date is sure to end with an explosive strike ;)

King Pin is a 3 hour rendezvous: $900