• Freya Woods

I Love Authentic Humans

I love authentic humans

Unapologetically themselves

Learning to love the faults and cracks in their souls

Longing and embracing the strength in vulnerability

Bold enough to dare to be as they are.

Humans who love the dark parts of themselves the same way they love their light

Who can boldly declare their strengths and honour their weaknesses

Who live in the divine and Eros

Attempting to be better

Humans expressing and creating

In love, hate and everything in between

I love humans because I love myself

I can see my story in your veins

If you look hard enough

You will see yours in my breath.

I long to know you deeply, wholly as you are

I long to know what brings laughter to your lips

What songs remind you of times past filled with lust?

I long to know how your skin feels

When you reach for mine in primal hunger

How do your lips taste after a bite from a ripe mango?

I want to know why you have not indulged the sensuality of life around you?

What we can do to right this terrible wrong?

I want to know how to awaken that fire from within.

Tell me. Tell me your desires, your secrets & fantasies.