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Dec. 2022 Updates <3

Updated: Jan 18

Isn’t it wild how fast time flies when you’re having fun and causing erotic chaos for the greater good? ;P

As the year comes to an end I would like to say thank you to all the lovely gentlemen I have had the pleasure of meeting this year, whether you’re an old or new friend I greatly appreciate your patronage and our yummy moments together.

As I prepare for a new year, I would like to keep you updated on some changes I’ve made and will be implementing in the coming year.

1. Social Media: I’ve deactivated my twitter account primarily due to security and privacy concerns. To be honest I wasn't consistent with maintaining an online persona, as an introvert it always felt like too much work. I do not have an online presence on any social media platform and as of the writing of this post I don’t have any plans or desire to create one. This blog feels more aligned with who I am and I would like to spend more time here. My availability and any changes to my rates & services will be posted on my website and/or this blog.

2. Limited Availability: I’ve started a new career, as a result my time is limited. Due to my career obligations and my desire to only have a select number of clientele, advanced notice is very important and highly preferred over same day bookings.

Booking an intimate encounter 24 hours or more in advance is the best way to ensure that I am available to see you when you wish. I keep an updated monthly schedule which can be found by clicking the button below:

3. Deposit policy: For the priceless feeling of peace of mind, I would rather require a deposit than ask for a cancellation fee. After a year of implementing this requirement I am very happy that I'm strict with this policy, it saves me a lot of time and helps me reserve my energy for clients with genuine intentions.

  • Tantric Massage Experience: All inquires require a deposit of $80.

  • Intimate Encounters: All inquiries of less than 2 hours require a deposit of $100. All inquiries of 2 hours or more require a deposit of 50%.

  • Deposits are non-negotiable as they protect my time and energy in case of a last minute cancellation.

  • In the rare chance that I have to cancel our meeting, your deposit will be refunded in full

Will there be a point where a regular client does not have to send deposit?

Yes, when trust has been established over a minimum of 5 meetings and at my discretion.

4. Review Policy: I’m not a fan of the crass review culture in this industry however I understand its usefulness in validating the authenticity of a provider.

That being said, I am a very private person and while I appreciate your desire and enthusiasm to write about our trysts I prefer men who kiss me a lot and don't tell. I do not want or consent to reviews based on intimate encounters but I consent to reviews based on tantric massage experiences.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Thank you for a phenomenal year.

Thank you for many moments of good good loving.

Thank you for sharing your energy with me.

Happy holidays!




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